Vlaemynck’s new professional catalogue, the essential reference tool for the 2016 season, is now here. It features all our collections, along with examples of stunning layouts, giving you all the inspiration you need to design your own outdoor project. We hope you enjoy reading it!

A brand new edition designed with professionals in mind.



  • Featuring 220 pages of existing customer layouts and technical information about our products, the catalogue is an essential working tool and a great source of inspiration.
  • Boasting 300 separate items of furniture, parasols and other outdoor equipment solutions, it contains everything you need for any outdoor space.
  • Containing more than 50 new products, including the new Rivage, Vanity and Pilotis flagship collections, as well as new textiles and parasols.


This new edition features everything you need to design and enhance your outdoor spaces.


Go to the Catalogues page to request your hard copy or download the PDF version.

We hope you will enjoy it and that it will convince you to work with Vlaemynck. 

Happy reading!