Tailor-made services

Vlaemynck has built its reputation through its close collaboration with professionals. A special relationship that has naturally given meaning and a quality of services that is deeply rooted in the spirit of the company to provide a response and support tailored to individual requirements.

A wide range of solutions

Whatever the space to be kitted out and whatever the decorative scheme, Vlaemynck has a wide range of solutions to meet all your needs. The wide range of materials available, coupled with a responsive and efficient service can be adapted to all requirements and all styles.

More specifically for professionals, Vlaemynck today offers a range of customized services.


  • The furniture is assembled, according to the layout drawings, by our staff who have been trained in our products (minimum of 2 people on site for each job).
  • Compliance test and a signed installation report.

picto_location.jpgRental service

  • Long-term with funding assistance
  • Special seasonal activities with wintering and laundering


  • Installations can be customized with the name of the institution or any other visual element such as a logo.
  • Printing on fabric (Solution-dyed, Batyline® or Spécial Store) and on Alupanel table tops.
  • Embroidery for cushion covers and beach mats
  • Adhesive for glass tops and separators

picto_entretien.jpgOn-site maintenance and repair 

  • An exclusive service for the French Riviera
  • On-site work for all your parasol and furniture after-sales service requirements.

Your products can be customized with the name of your brand


Guarantees and after-sales


Vlaemynck means long-term support from a professional brand that is sure of its products.

  • Products designed to last: all parts (armrests, fabrics, parasol ribs, pads, etc.) are removable and replaceable.
  • Attentive, responsive and accessible staff: 10 sales representatives, 2 showrooms including 1 for professionals on the French Riviera, one industrial site and one sales office based in France.


For more information and advice, go to the Guarantees and After-Sales page