Guarantees and after-sales

Uncompromising on quality and an innate sense of Service

Vlaemynck has built its reputation through its close collaboration with professionals. A special relationship that has naturally given meaning and a quality of services that is deeply rooted in the spirit of the company to provide a response and support tailored to individual requirements.

Vlaemynck means long-term support from a professional brand that is sure of its products.


  • Products designed to last: all parts (armrests, fabrics, parasol ribs, pads, etc.) are removable and replaceable.
  • Attentive, responsive and accessible staff: 10 sales representatives, 2 showrooms including 1 for professionals on the French Riviera, one industrial site and one sales office based in France.

Product quality and an innate sense of service that have enabled the company to build a strong reputation as an expert and build up a valuable capital of trust with its clients.

Discover the know-how and the quality of the Vlaemynck brand

Repairing parasols in the Vlaemynck workshop


Advice and After-Sales

Here are some tips to keep your Vlaemynck looking its best:

  • Do not cover your aluminium or metal furniture with a tarpaulin or plastic tablecloth and avoid prolonged contact with any object that can hold water and humidity (such as flower pots, plate stands, etc.). In combination with heat, moisture can damage the appearance of the paint.
  • Some of our teak products come with an oiled finish that gives the wood a warm golden-brown colour and offers additional stain protection. If you want to preserve this finish (and this enhanced treatment), you will need to oil the wood once a year using a suitable product. Before doing so, you should clean the furniture first and remove all remnants of the old oiled finish.
  • When used outdoors, natural-finish, untreated teak will develop a grey colouration over time, due to exposure to water and UV rays. This has no impact on the durability of the teak. It is your choice whether you wish to prevent this natural process or not. If you want to preserve the original colour of the teak, we recommend that you use suitable cleaning and maintenance products such as teak cleaner.

For more information about Vlaemynck's After-Sales service, please contact your sales representative or your Vlaemynck retailer.