Miami sun-loungers and Plage parasolsMiami sun-loungers and Plage parasols
Miami sun-loungers and Plage parasols
Maobi beach decorated with Miami sun-loungers and mattresses, and Plage parasols.
Manhattan armchairs and Mahogany parasolsManhattan armchairs and Mahogany parasols
Manhattan armchairs and Mahogany parasols
Manhattan armchairs in Coffee woven resin and Mahogany parasols on the Maobi Beach terrace.
Corsica armchairs and modular tablesCorsica armchairs and modular tables
Corsica armchairs and modular tables
The Maobi beach dining area is equipped with Vlaemynck modular tables and Corsica chairs.

Maobi beach

Near Saint-Raphael, a private beach which found in Vlaemynck a partner to help it kit out all its spaces: bar, restaurant and beach. A large-scale project with more than 500 seats and sun-loungers.